Study: Humanity Just A Few More Bans Away From Only Having Good Opinions On The Internet

WORLD—There’s good news for the internet: studies show it’s now just a few bans away from finally only having good opinions on it. Much of social media had become dominated by racism, conspiracy theories, and people who are just plain wrong about things, but by simply kicking off people who pretty much everyone agrees is bad, studies show soo …

Source: Study: Humanity Just A Few More Bans Away From Only Having Good Opinions On The Internet

Banning and censorship go against freedom of speech. I remember when 2 Live Crew had their album banned and there was a big uproar over that back them. But on social media run by liberal companies, they ban and censor anyone who does not have a liberal viewpoint. The very liberals who were for free speech are suddenly against free speech if it means that Trump wins the election because Trump was supported by third parties on social media.

It is like a scene out of “1984” and the Ministry of Truth censoring the news and banning people. If you don’t think like a liberal you are a thought criminal the thought police will arrest or ban you.

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