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TL/DR: Read it you moron, the way you use the Internet is going to change! You want to be on Facebook all day? READ this, pick a side and fight for it! Question Everything!

The most fun I’m having in researching this, is coming across the research of the some the same people who were against it when it was proposed by the Obama Administration, and who are now for it. In the long run, what does that tell us? It tells us that people will follow trends, it tells us that mob mentality is different than individual thought. It may tell us that the Net Neutrality rules work in ways that people didn’t see before. I know when I originally started researching it in the late 00’s and early 10’s there were tons of negative press about it. I read it, went through it, and knew where it was headed. It looked good, it was not perfect, no laws ever are.
We must ask ourselves why Wired, CNet, Google, ACLU, and many others are against the repeal.
We must ask ourselves why Comcast, Verizon and AT&T are for it.

Reading the sources below I have discovered that Pai, the current head of the FCC, believes that the internet providers will do the right thing, and not censor, throttle, or ban parts of the Internet… How well has trusting the corporations in the past gone? Trickle-down economics comes to mind for me. The increase of CEO’s salaries compared to employees’ salaries also comes to the forefront of my brain. Corporations want to make money, and will do what it takes to do that. Competition can curb only so much. If one company does something and it gets backlash, the other companies won’t follow suit. But if a company does something and gets little backlash or it works well, other companies will follow suit no matter what it does to the rest of us.

The only thing Pai wants to keep is the transparency laws.

In 2005 (or sometime around there, some sources say as early as 2002) when the FCC declared that the Internet was not a Telecommunications Service, the Internet was a completely different thing than it is now. From 1995/1996 when the Internet was noticed by the general public until now, the end of 2017, it has gone through unbelievable changes. Does anyone even remember Gopher or FTP? They were main parts of the Internet. The World Wide Web was only a third of what the Internet offered. “.com” was made for companies, and now everyone uses them. The personal web page designation was called a “.name” and was made up of your name, and personal numbers or extensions of your name if you had a popular one. Everything changes, nothing goes as planned in anyone’s life, the Internet changes and updates every hour of every day. Some regulations to keep corporations from abusing their powers must be in place. Corporations are not people.

In a lot of the “For the repeal” articles I have seen things such as “It was written in the 1930’s to deal with Ma Bell” indicating it’s not applicable to today’s iPhone, etc. The problem with this, is that it has been updated and amended over the years. Broadcast Television, cable, cell phones, etc have been included in its mandate…. Is everything written in the past not applicable today? Is this where a basic argument is going to start with people who defend the Constitution saying something else is too old to be reasonable?

Here are some sources:
For the repeal:



Against the repeal:
https://www.cnet.com/…/net-neutrality-fcc-2017-repeal-what…/ (This article provides links to actual definitions and proposals)



I’m not sure:

Unbiased (I think, it’s hard to find these types of articles):


Here is the link for the FCC, it’s a .gov site, it is the most biased thing I’ve ever seen from a government site….

A long list of different views on what Net Neutrality doesn’t and does do….

Title I and Title II of the Communications Act of 1934 (All 333 pages of it!) this has all the updates and amendments to the original. (PDF, and downloadable)….

Rebeca is correct that this has been a very long fight over Internet access. Even if you don’t live in the USA, there are USA sites you might access that are blocked or slowed down because of these new FCC regulations. I posted her essay to show you what is going on as she made a lot of citations and fact checks.

I know a lot of people outside the USA advertised in the 2016 elections against or for Trump and bought ads and made websites. This website has been around a bit longer, and we only want to post the truth and facts. There is a Civil War 2.0 going on in the USA between the haves and the have-nots, between the Democrats and Republicans, between the rich and middle-class and poor. Between races, nationalities, Native-Americans, Libertarians, LIberal Progressives, Anarchists, Conservatives, Neo-Cons, Populists (Trump and FDR), Fascists, Communists, etc. Sure we still have racism and sexism we are trying to find a way to get rid of, sure women and other genders are standing up to their oppressors, now we have been so divided that we forgot they are trying to switch off the Internet unless you can pay the toll fees to get faster access.



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