Without a mobile play, Microsoft and Windows are losing the consumer market – MSPoweruser

Three years ago, Microsoft appeared at IFA to launch two new Windows phones. They were mid-range devices, the Lumia 830 and the 730, but they continued Microsoft’s then interesting push into mobile and mobile imaging. Two years ago, Acer’s Jade Primo broke cover at IFA as the first Windows 10 Mobile powered device, complete with […]

Source: Without a mobile play, Microsoft and Windows are losing the consumer market – MSPoweruser

The Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft mobile devices are failing, not just because they are buggy and crash, but because they don’t have a mobile payment option like Android and iPhones have.

iOS and Android devices are just made of a better quality than the Microsoft mobile devices. The operating system is better, and there are mobile payments on iOS and Android devices that Microsoft mobile devices don’t even have a counterpart to.

Microsoft has spent a lot of time and money to make their devices like Apple’s, or Amazon’s Google’s that they missed killer features like paying by a mobile device. Microsoft does get the Cloud and Telementary features to spy on the user and sell the advertising to target them along with their info to third party companies. Yet Microsoft fails to copy important features like paying from the mobile device.

A pity Microsoft was one of the first smartphone companies with Windows CE in 1997-1998 to counter IBM’s Simon in 1994, and the Blackberry in 1999-2000. Is Microsoft just going to copy the competition or out innovate them, or at least catch up to them in features?

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