Google and Walmart’s Partnership Will Be a Real Test For Amazon | WIRED

Source: Google and Walmart’s Partnership Will Be a Real Test For Amazon | WIRED

Walmart and Google are making a partnership to take on Amazon and other web stores. Amazon has voice activated speakers called the Echo that has an AI assistant named Alexa that can order anything from Amazon by voice command. Walmart partners up with Google to use their Google Home speakers to order things from Walmart.

This is going to create a lot of technology jobs at Walmart and Google, as Walmart can have a Google electronics area to sell ChromeBooks, Nexus and Pixel phones, and other things.

As most of you know, Amazon and Google have a partnership with each other over the Android series operating system and phones. So this is going to be an interesting competition. Apple was offered a partnership with Amazon and Google, but rejected it because they were making their own smart phone the iPhone.

If Apple is smart they can partner up with Target or K-Mart/Sears to challenge the other two partnerships. Make an Apple Store not just for Apple products but other things as well. If not Apple then Microsoft like when they partnered up with NBC to make MSNBC.

The brick and mortar stores are the physical stores full of items to sell. Amazon came along and offered something different with a web store and warehouses to ship from, which skipped the middleman and went straight to customers in order to cut out the expenses and also automate the sales via a one-click system on their website.

Things are getting interesting in the tech markets as we expect more deals like this.

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