Liberal Conspiracy in education exposed on Reddit

EDITOR NOTE (We believe in diversity and equal rights, this story may be true or may be someone exaggerating at Reddit, take it with a grain of salt. We do not support racism, bigotry, homophobia and other discriminatory things.)

Why is it that liberals tend to dominate technology companies, Hollywood, Book Publishers, Public Education, Universities and Colleges, Mainstream Media companies, etc?

Anyone with a Non-Liberal viewpoint was fired unjustly until the Liberals were taking over by forcing people out of jobs using politics and black lists.

Let me quote someone who claims to be a Liberal Professor at a University:

His responses are in bold, question/inquiries are in blockquote.

Liberals already control most of the education system to brainwash and teach kids how to feel and confuse it with thinking. Besides these racists homeschool their own children, because they know liberals control the public schools, etc.

I am happy with that formula. Even with homeschooling, media, entertainment, etc. will influence their children. That’s why each generation is less radical and racist then the previous, it is working very well. Eventually these children see the light when they grow and their parent’s grip loosens. To be successful in the world of the future you need to go to university and there is no homeschooling option for that, so no matter what we will get them.

Yes you can convert racists into non-racists, it has been done before.

Yes of course, and that’s exactly what we are doing. Believe it or not al these things eventually effect the parents as well, unfortunately not all are responsive, but it’s ok, they die eventually, and then we are left with their kids, which is all we care about.

What you fail to understand is that you are not supposed to control schools, you are supposed to teach logic, reason, and critical thinking so people stop confusing feelings with thinking and let hate and anger control them.

I mean control schools in the sense that we only allow logic, reason, critical thinking, and science. Since racism is completely irrational and not based on logic the school system is tailored to eradicate it in al its forms. That’s why the current generation is far less racist then the previous generation.

Such a thing was taught in public schools until the 1950s when Religion was taken out of the schools

This was a great move. As you can see we have become a far more tolerant and less racist society compared to the society of the 50s, 60s,70s, etc. Religion should not be mandated in schools. If someone wants to study religious studies voluntarily in university they can, but it can’t be part of the public curriculum. Although you can pay out of pocket for private schooling which can include religious courses, but not public.

TL;DR you control the schools and turn kids into educated idiots who think with their feelings and not know what true thinking is, and get brainwashed and indoctrinated instead of educated. You teach them the correct way, and they don’t grow up to be racists, bigots, and homophobic.

We are teaching them the correct way. That’s why the current generation is more liberal and less racist then ever. You see the formula is working perfectly and the long term game is all we care about. It’s always about the long term, you are focused on short term present day on the ground differences, I am talking about systemic issues. We care about the system and maintaining control of the system, nothing else really matters. As you can see it is working fine. Current generation is less religious, more liberal, more LGBT friendly, then ever before, because of this.

If he read a book on critical thinking he’d learn that it helps the student develop their own morals and ethics and makes students more diverse in their thinking. If they can only see things from the Liberal view, then they have failed critical thinking, logic, reason, philosophy, etc. They are brainwashed and indoctrinated instead of educated and mentored. This has lead to a dumbing down of our youth that can’t even get orders correct or make change in a fast food place.

Instead of being taught how to think, they are tough how to feel, and confuse felling with thinking. So they don’t reach their true potential. 

It teaches people that they are victims and use vitcimhood to get what they want in life. If it taught critical thinking it would teach them to be survivors and quit blaming other people and learn from their own mistakes to reach their true potential.


Intelligence isn’t remembering things, repeat what you are told, and follow orders. Intelligence is about making your own decisions based on a set of morals and ethics you learned and not thinking of yourself as smarter than everyone else and admitting your flaws that you are not perfect. Then working on those flaws to turn them into strength. Liberals are basically doing to children what the Nazis used to do in Germany. Dumbing them down, teaching them how to feel instead of how to think, etc.

If this keeps up smart people will die off and only the dumb ones would exist to make the world a liberal paradise. Like the movie Idiocracy.


But wait, it gets worse. Liberals took over the tech industry and put people on black lists so they can’t work a job, their career is ruined, they are banned from Internet websites and censored:


This is supposed to be a fair and just system? Make as many students liberal as possible, if they don’t develop liberal viewpoints they get fired, and blacklisted? This is a hate based system, not a love based system!



He tried to help Google fight diversity issues, and cited peer reviewed neutral third party research on genders and sex.

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