Why Net Neutrality should be considered a human right!

Even Spider-Man facepalms over this issue!


In 2012, the Human Rights Council of the United Nations determined that a connection to the internet is a human right. Among other things, the resolution encourages nations without widespread internet coverage to improve access for all citizens. The resolution also condemns any attempt to impede free speech online. The resolution was updated and unanimously adopted again in 2014 and then again in 2016, demonstrating that all members of the Council recognize the importance of free access to information and the right to freedom of expression online.

Though the resolution doesn’t specifically address net neutrality, it does condemn the practice of disrupting or preventing internet access. Net neutrality is an important aspect of online communications and should also be considered a human right.

The Internet is not free as in money you have to pay an ISP to access it. The Internet is called an Information Super Highway. Every website is given the same speed as every other website and there are no data caps aka speed limits.

AT&T and others want to be able to put data caps aka speed limits per site that does not pay them fees to get higher speeds for their customers. This is basically blackmail and it forces small businesses out of business.

The Internet is as much a right for people as clean water or ability to vote. Our rights are being trampled by large mega corporations who use lobbyists to get politicians to vote against Net neutrality. They want you to not have the Internet or not look things up to do your own fact checking and instead use biased sources like Snopes or Facecheck to do it for you.

There should be Basic Internet at 20Mbs for $10 to $20 a month using DSL or Cable. It should not be throttled. This is the Internet for people who normally can’t afford it because they are poor.

When Obama and the Democrats were in charge, they would vote for SOPA and other bills that claimed to be for Net Neutrality but instead they were for security instead of freedom of speech. As of recent, Liberal Democrats have gotten into getting rid of right-wingers and their freedom of speech on the Internet by denying them Paypal and other sites to collect money.

We at Blastar are Independent Moderates, but sometimes Libertarians or Liberals. We don’t support censorship in any way, and these new tactics of taking away their money, censoring them, banning them, etc are something these sites claimed they would never do. It happened at Reddit, and made voat.co and others to replace it.

Facebook even has gotten into censorship of people who don’t have a liberal view of things. Who knows who is next to ban or censor?

This disturbing patterns of liberal Democrat people in tech, censoring, banning, and taking away of money from people who aren’t Liberal Democrats just seems like some sort of social war on the Internet.

It is like they want George Orwell’s 1984 to become true. TV Sets, Internet Smart TVs and mobile devices and PCs spying on us for the NSA aka Big Brother. The Ministry of Truth is the Mainstream Media, and the Thought Police are some rent-a-cops to find people who don’t have a liberal point of view so they can be brought into Room 101 for re-education. If not then they are killed off or censored, banned, and cut off their income. Does that sound like freedom, liberty, rights, equality, and privacy to you?

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