Pizza-Gate Cover Up, MSM makes fake news to hide the truth!

Snopes and The New York Times tried to bury this story because of their involvement in it. News stories that proved it got deleted by editors but saved in for others to see it.

This is not fake news, it goes way into Hollywood and politics and has many references and neutral third party sources to prove it true.

It is very hard to watch this documentary that proves Pizza-Gate is real, all the hidden logos they use, and other things. People in high places taking advantage of children as sex slaves, making news sites take down the incriminating evidence, even the SJWS and Feminists don’t want to help the former child sex slaves after they escaped from sex trafficking, because of gender politics and other bullshit stuff they make up to control and fool people.

Think it is a conspiracy theory and fake, then check out these sources that got deleted by editors and ig corporations invloved in this that didn’t want the truth to get out:

The Media’s Darkest Cover-Up | Burnt Pizza Part I


Debunking Articles:

Hillary consulting Cheryl Mills about detained Americans:

Sunday Times Article of Bill Clinton making deal with Haitian official to release the child traffickers:

Harvard Human Rights journal of Bill Clinton special envoy to United Nations:

Puello’s mother conviction of his wife for child sex trafficking:

Redacted memo of “options” for the American child traffickers that includes Silsby

Click to access C05769780.pdf

ICE report of Puello only serving three years in prison

Zero Hedge article detailing Silsby Story:

Kidnapping charge

Silsby Discussing organization with Hillary

Silsby requesting donation from Hillary

Huma forwarding emails to Hillary about Americans charged with Child trafficking

Reuters Report of Puello suspected of sex trafficking

Washington Life Article of Tony Podesta’s art:

Max Macooby Bio in law firm showing he is in the board of directors for Friends of the Orphans:

Click to access 201308041749102532391abc.pdf

J Edgar Hoover’s Address:

Michael Maccoby bio showing he coaches NPH leaders:]

Evie’s Crib:

Evie’s Crib Post directing to Jack:

Jack Place Naked Time post:

Luzzatto Wikileaks pool party invitation:

NYT saying Correct the Record is Hillary’s media watchdog:

NYT article covering Pedo symbols:

Women finds pedo symbol on child’s toy:

Brock, Grey, Alefantis legal battle

Fox News Gretta Van Susteren interview with Jorge Puello:

Washington Post article of Frank Weinsteid not letting Comet extend hours:

Audio recordings of community meetings that reveal Maccoby address (file is called ANC3FmtgPart2-COMET.mp3):
^It is linked in this Washington Post article:

Gay handkerchief codes websites:

FBI Pedo symbols document:

1999 WND article detailing lawsuits against Waldorf Schools for spreading occult religion:

Rachel Rose Wikileaks email between John and Tony Podesta:

Comet Ping Pong donating to Washington Waldorf School

Click to access messenger_final_sept_09.pdf

2014 Washinton Waldorf School alumni party at Comet ping pong:

2015 Washinton Waldorf School alumni party at Comet ping pong:

2016 Washinton Waldorf School alumni party at Comet ping pong:

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BBC decoding baphomet:

Marina Abramovic spirit cooking Wikileaks email:

Marina Abramovic responds to pizzagate claims Guardian article:

Marina Abramoic Reddit AMA explaining her spiritual performances are real in private:

Washington Post Married with Art Article about Tony Podesta:

Serbian Artwork of lifeless children in Tony Podesta Home:

Dennis Hastert stories:

Podestas organizing campaign fundraiser for Stephen Colbert’s sister: