Microsoft now puts ads in Windows 10 File Explorer, because of course – ExtremeTech

Source: Microsoft now puts ads in Windows 10 File Explorer, because of course – ExtremeTech

I got frustrated by Windows 10, it has become adware and spyware! Adware because it puts advertisement even in File Explorer windows. Spyware because it records everything I do and sends it back to Microsoft.

I went back to Windows 7 Pro even if it does not get security updates as fast as Windows 10, it seems to run faster and doesn’t display ads in my face, or send data back to Microsoft on everything I do. A Windows 7 Pro license file can be found on eBay for as little as $10 and Windows 7 Pro ISOs can still be found on the Internet to use them.

Apparently, hipsters and non-technical people don’t care and don’t know what is going on. They’ll use any operating system that ships with their PC or laptop.

They are unaware that the house is on fire like the above picture of the dog drinking coffee. One day most commercial operating systems will have built-in advertising to raise money and spy on everything the user does. The only alternatives would be to use GNU/Linux that is free and open source software that doesn’t show advertising and spy on you.

Of course, you can always buy a Mac or iPad Pro and skip Windows:

Yeah, better not! Apple does not give customers a good upgrade of the hardware, forcing them to buy a new Mac or pay a lot to get the Geniuses at the Apple Store to fix it for them.

Apple merging with Next, had saved Apple and brought Steve Jobs back. Jobs wanted to give the customers a good experience, innovate new products, improve the quality, and change the world. The opposite of what Microsoft does.

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