Doing an Internet Autopsy on Kuro5hin

Since Del shut down DSMB there are other places to find K5ers:. Here is a story of Kuro5hin doing an autopsy on it’s corpse. Much like did, Kuro5hin had to shut down because it was not poltically correct. The trolls ruled it and chased away the other users. Rusty did not maintain it and let it rot until his hosting company moved it without acking it up.

Source: Kr5ddit | Where are all the K5ers on DSMB gone?

I did not come here to praise Kuro5hin, I am here to bury it and let it rest in peace.

That is what Kuro5hin had been about. To use Scoop to compete with Slashdot to post lies pretending to be news, aka Fake News. One of the biggest trolls was the FNH story which was full of lies and trolled so many people.

Where have people from Kuro5hin gone, after 18 years of dedication and donating about $50K to fix Scoop in the CMF, which went to fix Rusty Foster’s house instead?

Since Del shut down DSMB there are other places to find K5ers:

Rusty’s Github:

Sye’s Facebook Page:

One of my Imzy groups:

My blog:

There is no replacing Kuro5hin and the K5 Kabal or K5 Trolls stuck it out until it got shut down, and won’t come back. is an attempt to make a forum like Kuro5hin/Scoop, one that I got involved in and it goes slow, as I am learning as I go, and had some technical issues. Procasti is doing most of the coding and the FreeK666 project is the free and open source version of it.

What happened to Kuro5hin? It slowly died as Rusty Foster neglected it and allowed his elite users, the K5 Kabal to just run shotgun all over it and scare the users away by trolling. So the K5 Trolls rose up against the Kabal to take Kuro5hin back.

Scoop had a lot of technical debt and K5 users paid Rusty and the CMF $50K to fix Scoop and the bugs it has, instead he used the crowdfunded money to fix his house. This angered many K5 users to the point that many of them threatened to troll the site, unless they got a refund. So many events happened like someone using the K5 staff and admin pictures to make fake porn photos including one of Rusty’s wife called Rustina having sex with an African-American man. Rusty had to switch off IMG support for images but the Rustina dupes would post a link to a new Rustian picture uploaded somewhere else on the Internet.

This was like the GNAA trolls on Slashdot, they had to be banned by IP address and ban Tor/Onion and known proxy servers to keep them away. Not every user was doing this. Then people got doxed, I got doxed a few times at K5 and we got phone callers at 3 am every night for a week before we had to change to a private number.

Rusty put up a $5 Paywall to screen out anonymous trolls and every time he banned someone they had to sign in with a new account and pay $5. It only made a speed bump for the trolls who still paid $5 via Paypal or Credit Card using Gift Cards to avoid being identified.

Some users when to a website called Husi, some of the trolls that wanted to destroy K5, and they eventually got their wish in 2016. K5 users asked Husi users if they wanted to settle their differences over a game of Tradewars via a Telnet BBS, but they refused.

Rusty Foster was declared dead at Facebook as a prank by Ghost of Tiber, so Rusty banned his account at K5, and Tiber went to Facebook instead. A lot of K5 users left for social network sites which buried K5 in the number of users and groups and games they had. Rusty took to Facebook and Twitter and blocked any K5 user who tried to message him when the site was down so he could fix it.

Where did the editors and admins go? When Whysall banned Crawford’s account using Captain Tenelie’s account (He hacked the password or something) it caused a lot of frustration to get Crawford his account name and restore his articles like Living with Schizoaffective Disorder.

Rusty had his blog, Today in Tabs, and posted there until it was canceled. He made his Facebook and Twitter pages private because he didn’t want the old pals meeting his new pals that are politically correct and intolerant of trolls. The Feminists and Social Justice Warriors. Rusty was known as a White Knight, and if an account that claimed to be female, he would ban male accounts that she would claim offended her. If a male user so much as corrected a female user over a debate, it was grounds for being banned. Rusty is a White Knight in a friend zone and a tool of this new generation of trolls, in a new world where there are more types of genders than Baskin-Robbins has ice cream flavors.

Rusty had to get rid of Kuro5hin, because it made him look bad to his new pals. He had to bail on his old pals who trusted him with their money and accounts and he betrayed them only to find new pals to betray on social networking sites.

Scoop still uses Web 1.0 tech and needs to be patched to work on modern systems.

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