Is America Becoming a Third World Country? | The National Interest

Conspiracy theories about Russia suggest that the awful prospect for the USA is of a global superpower with the domestic politics of the Philippines or Argentina.

Source: Is America Becoming a Third World Country? | The National Interest

Is the USA becoming a third world nation? Does anyone remember the promises Obama made? Fix the economy, fix unemployment and include people who aren’t getting unemployment insurance and are still out of work, etc? Remember when people on Social Security and Disability would get more money or a better health insurance program? If health insurance is better and costs less, why do most bankruptcies be due to medical bills then? Why is it co-pays and deductibles are going up and pharmaceutical companies are raising prices on Epipens, Insulin, and other stuff?

The USA hasn’t had The Great Collapse yet. Might happen in the 2020s.

The Great Collapse might be due to more than just economic issues, but social, cultural, spiritual, and changes in technology.

What will most of the USA do when AI and Robots take over jobs? It has already started as Kiosks are used to make orders or websites, and robots operate the process in a warehouse with forklifts and other things to collect the order and ship it.

Will The Great Collapse happen? Will Trump do better or worse than Obama did? Nobody knows yet.

Will there be more riots and looting? Are we starting another Civil War between Red (GOP) and Blue (DNC) groups in the USA and these riots and looting are just warning signs of a civil war 2.0?

Did Bush error about Iraq and Afganistan and we went to war on falsehoods that cost us trillions of dollars, a lot of killed and disabled military personnel, and as a result, ISIS rose to power and just took over Syria and Iraq?

Stay tuned true believers, same Bat time same Bat Blog!

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