Facebook’s ‘anti-fake news’ plan looks like effort to curb alternative media — RT Op-Edge

There are serious concerns over a social media giant’s plans to debunk spurious news stories. And many are puzzled about the real agenda at play.

Source: Facebook’s ‘anti-fake news’ plan looks like effort to curb alternative media — RT Op-Edge

In Geroge Orwell’s novel “1984” Big Brother had taken over the nation and part of the world. There were many Ministries made like the Ministry of Truth or MiniTrue that would censor the news and rewrite history and the news in favor of Big Brother and his supporters. Anything that reported the opposite of what Big Brother’s MiniTrue reported was censored and rewritten to be in favor of Big Brother by MiniTrue.

Some say “1984” happened but that they got the date wrong. It is really 2016. The year of bad things like shooting a gorilla because a mother was careless in taking care of her son and he fell into the gorilla pit.  The year when Flint Michigan had lead in their water, and the federal government and Obama did not even care to fix the problem, nor did they fix Baton Rogue when the Hurricane hit there. Those problems were buried in the fake news that CNN and Fake News WordPress sites flooded social media with so we would not know what is going on.

Despite the fake news invasion being in Hilary Clinton’s favor, she still lost the election because not everyone fell for the lies being forced upon them. So now fake news are being blamed for Clinton losing, and so Facebook and Google being liberal organizations are developing a system to censor fake news. The only problem is that it is based on a black list of website domain names. No AI or ML can detect fake news within 24 hours. The quick fix is to have a flag system for users to report fake news and then add the domain name to a blacklist.

This is basically a form of censorship, instead of fact checking each news story to see if it is fake or real, the websites are added to a blacklist that blocks people from posting articles from them.

Facebook made a ton of money from fake news sites paying them to promote their articles. Both Liberal and Conservative news sources did this in 2016. Any Non-Liberal site will be flagged by many people and added to a blacklist.

The problem is most people get their news from social networks and go by headlines, and not reading the story. They believe anything is true because a friend or relative posted it. There is a trust factor that allowed fake news to thrive in Facebook, etc. This blog had previous reportings on fake news before it was hacked by hackers trying to shut us up. Two version of this blog got deleted and this is the third version, hope it lasts.


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