Obama Orders Intelligence Report on Russian Election Hacking – The New York Times

“We may have crossed a new threshold here,” a security adviser said. Agencies were told to turn in their findings before the president leaves office.

Source: Obama Orders Intelligence Report on Russian Election Hacking – The New York Times

Sure Russians have hacked voting machines.

No investigation into the DNC Primary, even if Hillary Clinton rigged it so she would win even if a majority of people voted for Bernie Sanders. The same thing was done to Ron Paul in the 2012 GOP Primary before to keep him from being nominated.

If the election is rigged, it was rigged by someone who had access to the voting machines as they are not on the Internet.

So how did Hillary lose and Donald win? She got caught rigging the DNC primary, told coal miners she was going to shut down the coal mines, endangered national security and lied about it, called half the country as deplorables, and let us not forget she said she would pay for social programs by taxing the middle class more. Yeah, she can’t lose? Not my President! We want a recount! Russian Hackers!

Sure Jan! It was Russia’s fault that Hillary lost.

Sorry slippery when sarcastic.

Yeah, Hillary had ticked off about 51% of the voters out there, that voted for Trump mostly because Hillary made them angry. You’d think with 30+ years of political experience that Hillary would have been kinder to that 51% to get them to vote for her instead of Trump.

But yeah sure, blame Russian Hackers for everything. Create a conspiracy theory you have no proof for. Do the recount and make Hillary lose a second time.

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