Silicon Valley frets over foreign worker crackdown

Source: Silicon Valley frets over foreign worker crackdown

The reason why so many technology companies were against Trump is not because they are all liberals who side with Hillary Clinton, but that Trump would change immigration to cut back on H1-B Visas to allow US citizens to get the tech jobs.

What is a H1-B Visa? It is a Visa that is supposed to be used at the last resort in case there are no qualified candidates from the native population in the USA that can legally bring a foreign worker to the USA to work in a job. Only they can be exploited to hire cheaper labor at almost minimum wage and setting the requirements so high that US citizens can’t meet it or live on the low wages the job gives.

A dirty little secret in the IT industry is that these H1-B Work Visas are abused to get cheaper workers and even lay off native workers and force some to train their replacements.

IT diversity, if they use H1-B Visas to hire foreign labor they can meet diversity quotas and bypass any lawsuits. India is most popular because of their free college and large population to hire people from.

There is a cap (limit) on the number of H1-B Visas issued and Microsoft and other companies always try to get this cap raised to hire more. Since Trump is now president-elect he’ll most likely reduce that number to force more US citizens to get jobs. He’ll also take away tax shelters that prevent large corporations from avoiding paying taxes as well, and perhaps tax them more for using foreign labor.

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