Humankind has evolved the brain for 60 millions years

Natural selection and evolution have had intelligence peak for human brains these past 60 million years or so of evolution and natural selection including our ancestors who were not human, etc.

Homo Sapien is evolving into Homo Superior as the math, science, and technology we learn changes us and how we work. Mental illnesses are a part of evolution and natural selection to make humans smarter in some areas at the cost of other areas like social skills, etc.

The Autism spectrum came about due to evolution and natural selection, so did schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder. Being able to see things that are not there, is like the brain is in dream mode while still being awake.

The human brain sees the world by merging the data from both eyes that take a 2D image and turn it into a 3D image. Try looking at your nose, you can’t because your brain edits it out. Your brain has been programmed by evolution and natural selection to edit out things, so your perception of reality will change.

Nobody has learned how to control these mental illnesses and some people become disabled because of them. They are bullied and abused because normal people don’t think they are human, but they are just as much human in the DNA as those who claim they are not.

This mental illness might cause a person to be a better artist, a better scientist, a better mathematician, or just have different views on things than others. Albert Einstein’s own son had Schizophrenia so it was in Einstien’s family as well.

Some have designed AI systems that are getting so complex they can surpass human intelligence and do tasks that only a human being used to do. The rise of AI and robots are coming. Are they going to make an AI so complex that they don’t even know how it works or if it is super intelligence and smarter than a human being?

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