Happy Halloween 2016!

About this time around a decade ago or so, my web server was hacked by trolls and hackers. It was on Halloween and they were called the Halloweenies. They must have brute forced the password to the root account or found a PHP exploit to get command line access or whatever. It could have been that Heartbleed bug.

I’ve started my blog over three times already. I report on the truth and not everyone likes that. I speak my mind on technology, software, hardware, AI, and even politics.

So here goes the third time for a blog. This blog covers topics in the book I am writing that leads to the future. I post as one of the characters in the book, events that lead up to the book. Most of these events are real life events, and some are things the news media does not want to report on.


The news media reports Comforting Lies and I report Unpleasant Truths. People would rather want to hear Comforting Lies that they are not to blame for their own life, but instead, choose scapegoats and red herrings to blame stuff on.  A person makes life choices that lead to a bad life, and they feel better about it by blaming other groups instead of learning from their mistakes and correcting their decision-making abilities. This is how racism and bigotry start.


This is how a person becomes controlled by hate and anger instead of love and compassion. Believing the comforting lies on the Internet. Lies that both Trump and Hillary tell them. Ignoring the fact that ones need to raise $200M USD to be a candidate for a political party and get in the primary to get picked. Sure we got DeezNuts running in some states and we got Green Party Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson, but the winner is almost always a Democrat or Republican. We got two candidates were the best feature of Hillary Clinton is that she is not Donald Trump, and the best feature of Donald Trump is that he is not Hillary Clinton. It is sort of like being asked what foot you want to be shot in, and not understanding that there are other choices that lead you to avoid being shot in the foot.

By law we are required to carry the following warning on all our pages: The Surgeon General warns that this site may contain subversive material that is known to cause social and mental health problems. Use Blastar at your own risk. Blastar Responsibly. If irritation occurs cease use immediately, flush caches, adjust reality, rinse mind thoroughly and contact your nearest responsible adult for further advice. You may need to find a safe space from the truth, if so we recommend unplugging your computer and go out into the real world and find something creative and positive to do than just troll us here at our blog.

We are an Internet Organization that reports on news, about technology and politics and other stuff from around the world. We try to fact check every article we write with at least one reference or supporting pictures. We are not a troll site or fake news site, and we've been reporting on them to inform the public.



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