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Sep 15

The Blastar Corporation of India and China

Products and services. We have reached into the past with Retrotech and our members Dell and Orion have built some virtual machines based on past operating systems and classic retro applications. As technology and science progresses, retro legacy applications that run your business will cease to function.

Check out our Github Page.

Check out our GNU/Linux Distro Blastarix which is Neurochip based.

Check out Orion Blastar's Free Songs.

Check Out Dell's BlackJack for DOS Virtual Machine

Check out Dell's Poker for DOS Virtual Machine

Check out Dell's Slot Machine for DOS Virtual Machine

These are Javascript based PC DOS machines. You might have to reset them and turn on the caps lock key to play the games. They are IBM PC-DOS 2.0 machines with BASICA compiled BASIC programs. We can just as easily make any virtual machine for you. This is but a sample of what Dell aka Del Griffin can do for you at BLASTAR. OS/2, MS-DOS, Windows, whatever OS you want, we can make a virtual machine for you.

If you require an old operating system like OS/2 to run your financial software because the retro legacy app was never ported to modern Windows or Linux, we can build you a QEMU virtual machine that runs OS/2 1.X or OS/2 2.0 to run your retro legacy software inside the virtual machine on modern Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux. We can do the same for IBM PC-DOS and MS-DOS and 16 bit Windows, or Xenix, or Desqview, or Taskview, or CP/M-86, or even the rare MIPS based Windows NT 4.0 or PowerPC version of OS/2. We just got the QEMU-SPARC machines working for old SPARC Solaris aka SunOS versions.

We do retro legacy software programming in FORTRAN, COBOL, Pascal, Ada, and very old languages like Visual BASIC 6.0 and under, old versions of Visual C++ 6.0 and under, ASP 3.0 and under, and can make Windows NT and Windows 2000 Server VPS machines for you provided you have the software licenses. Got an IBM 370 Mainframe with DOS/VSE or a S390 with MVS, we know a bit of JCL/JECL and can convert COBOL code to some other language or even OpenCOBOL on a Linux box.

If you play old DOS based video games that don't work on 64 bit Windows, we can build you a DOSBox to run them in or a QEMU virtual machine with MS-DOS/Windows 3.11 ask us we can do it! Your legacy retro classic software can be run in modern operating systems with virtual machines and emulators. All you need is your software license to run it, and we can build it for you.

America The Enslaved: The Neurochip, see the future!

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