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You will find that there isn't much here right now. Just enough to get you to read it and see what you think. If you ever read America: The Enslaved The Neurochip you will know who I am. 

Am I a fictional character? Am I from 2033 AD? Is the Neurochip real? For you sake, dear reader, I sure hope none of this dark future stuff
happens. No neurochips are placed into your heads to control your thoughts because the government and megacorporations thought it was
what was best for the nation.

About Orion

I was raised Catholic but converted to Buddhism. I served some time
in the US Army, but after being wounded in action I was discharged.
I developed a mental illness, but continued on as a programmer. I did quite well until I was working on a medical project for surgical tray sterilization that turned out not to be what it claimed to be. It was code for tracking people not surgical trays to be used with a device called a Neurochip.

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What is a neurochip?

In the year 2013 it has just been developed for stroke patients
and the mentally ill. It is undergoing some tests. Around the year 2033 it will be used to control people with mental illnesses and the mentally ill as part of the N-Chip law. Then it will be an attempt to use the neurochip to replace the smart phone and tablets as well as eyeglass computers. The Neurochip will interface directly with the human brain and using hallucinations and delusions display graphics we can see that really are not there. Using cell phone and mobile data you can send messages to others via telepathy. You can think words and they appear and then you can write documents, programs, or emails to your friends. But a backdoor in the chip, will cause many problems.


There are untrue rumors spread about me by various groups like ULTRA and DEATH or even some megacorporations. Don't believe them all. I am not really a fugitive, I am a freedom fighter, a hero, a homo superior who has evolved beyond what homo sapiens can do. Those who run the government, the megacorporations, the banks, and even the news media are homo ignoramuses. They have evolved but no longer process critical thinking, logic, reason, or compassion or empathy like homo sapiens have. 

You must beware the homo ignoramuses out there. They have even infiltrated religious groups as well as Internet groups to promote their hate, violence, terror, and profit from it.

You will know them by their deeds, black as night, and they will always cover them up and blame someone else or some group instead. Don't let them fool you, learn to think for yourselves. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. They control it. Question everything before you decide to believe something. Examine the facts, the evidence, and then checked to see who peer reviewed them and if there is any bias. Most of the time there is a bias or it was peer reviewed by a sock puppet account. There may have been some bribery as well. Read books, learn to think for yourself and don't let the technology think for you!

Note: Orion Blastar is a fictional character and using live action role playing on the Internet he is brought to life. You must understand that this is all to promote a book. See King Publishing for more info.