Sale for Chairty

The Blastar Foundation is just getting started. We have plans to fix broken computers like the Commodore 64 and then sell them for charity.

There are a lot of people in St. Louis, MO USA and North County that can’t work because they are disabled or mentally ill, and need training, support, financing, raising money via VC or IPO, not just white males, but minorities, females, all genders, all races, all religions, etc.

The theory is that if you help people to make startups and small businesses, it will fix the economy by creating new jobs and opportunities for minorities and try to heal the people from the riots, looting, hate, anger, etc. That you can fix the community, society, and culture, by teaching people to run their own startups and small businesses. But you have to raise money somehow, and the CUGSL in St. Louis is gone, Commodore User Group of St. Louis, so it should be restarted, and fix Commodore 64 computers, etc so they can be auctioned off for charity., Most of the replacement parts for Commodore 64 systems are in the EU, UK, Germany, The Netherlands and it seems that the USA is missing out.

People get tired of the Windows vs. Macintosh stuff and want a third option. Back in the day the Commodore 64 loaded up fast due to cartridges and loading in extra ROMs for GEOS, etc. Sure the 1541 drive was slow, but they have JIffyDOS and other ROM replacements that can be switched via a switch on the 1541 case.

Sure a cheap PC with Windows 7 Pro and an i5 CPU costs about $150, and a working Commodore 64 sells for more than that. The C64 is over 30 years old now, power supplies mainly do work, they got black screens and chips that need fixing, etc.


If you are interested please email

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