The Civil War 2.0 and Big Brother

There is no need to panic, the Civil War 2.0 has already started. It started on social networks with fake news sites in 2016 and Russia and other countries trying to influence the USA Presidental elections. Remember that the Internet is Global and foreign nations want to control as much of the USA as they can by sending immigrants here and also buying out our lands and companies.

It was only a matter of time before someone like Trump was elected to fix the messes that Obama, Bush, and Clinton made. One who upsets the status quo, and does unpopular things because the popular things did not work before. Yet is Trump another Hitler or Mao or Stalin, or is that the other party?

All I can say is that if you are going to make a new government, that if you can’t protest it and speak out against it without getting banned, censored, arrested, or killed/murdered then it is not the right government system to have!

We at Blastar apologize for speaking the truth, and not using comfortable lies like all of the rest.

We now quote some of the Ministry of Truth that has taken over because of comforting lies that are popular rather than the unpleasent truths.

All praise Big Brother! It is 1984 again! Ignorance is strength! War is peace! Freedom is slavery! MiniTrue is adding and rewriting history. As we tear down statues and have violent protests at the current system of government. The

Source: The Ministry of Truth has seized control of this site – Blastar Global Technical News