The Ministry of Truth has seized control of this site

All praise Big Brother! It is 1984 again!

Ignorance is strength!

War is peace!

Freedom is slavery!

MiniTrue is adding and rewriting history. As we tear down statues and have violent protests at the current system of government. The new system of government will be decided in 2020’s vote. Big Brother needs your votes to reform the system, and then get rid of freedoms, rights, liberties to replace them with free social programs and security.

As of today we have always been at war with Oceana and the Middle-East. In the USA, the Civil War 2.0 has started and it is an Uncivil war as Fascists, Racists, Bigots, Homophobes start to get what they deserve. To be shunned and driven out of business, out of work, being banned and censored on the Internet

Founding fathers of the USA have been rewritten out of history because they were slave owners and racists. They are replaced instead with Big Brother and his allies. Who fought them to end slavery and bigotry and racism and homophobia. Tear down their statues, and remove any trace of them from the public.

Together we can team up against Fascism! Big Brother loves you all, that is why he is making the Thought Police to get rid of Thought Criminals.

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