What Apple and Qualcomm are really fighting about – LA Times

Qualcomm is in Apple’s crosshairs over how much it charges for its inventions. Here’s the story behind one of the biggest fights in the technology industry.

Source: What Apple and Qualcomm are really fighting about – LA Times

The best way to explain this is that Qualcomm found a way to make cell phones use the Internet and Phone calls faster and with a better quality than any other chip maker. Without Qualcomm there would be no iPhone or other Smart Phones that operate at 3G or 4G LTE speeds. You would not be able to stream movies on them, OS updates would take 10x longer to complete, etc. They charge cell phone makers like Apple, a royalty for using their chips and technology because Qualcomm was the first company to make faster speeds and better quality of any other company.

Apple claims they are being charged too much and wants to sue Qualcomm or call them a Monopoly and try to get them split up like AT&T was.

The problem is that if Qualcomm doesn’t get their royalties and fees for Apple and others using their technology, there will be no money for R&D to make even faster and better quality speed technology.

In fact, since AT&T was broken up, there is no more Bell Labs that brought Unix, C, the Transistor, etc that revolutionized the industry. The research and development companies no longer exist anymore like they used to exist. So what to do if Qualcomm goes out of business?

A broken Apple that can’t even get their iPhones to communicate at faster speeds, that might as well be an iPod.

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