Delete Facebook. Permanent Account Deletion.

How to permanently delete a Facebook account. Clear instructions including a link to the official deletion page. Deactivation is not deletion!

Source: Delete Facebook. Permanent Account Deletion.

Lawyer up, hit the gym, and delete your Facebook account. Some of the wisest advice someone can give. The NSA already got your data from a backdoor aka Prism that collects data on the Internet from everyone.

Lawyer up, you need a lawyer on retainer in case something goes bad, hit the gym instead of playing social network games just join a gym and work out to get healthier instead, delete your Facebook account you don’t want future employers to see all of the time you spend on Hey Day and arguing politics with other Facebook users. You added 800+ friends for a social network game, and now they all argue constantly over your posts and updates and every 15 seconds you get an update that a friend commented on your post, etc.

Maybe you should Boycott Facebook as well? Find alternatives like or something? Besides getting trolled by political people, you have your Aunt Peggy posting myths and chain letters on your profile as well?

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