Amazon Is Leading Tech’s Takeover of America

A handful of tech giants are spreading their tentacles into industries no one ever expected them to and reshaping our world in their image.

Why does a phone maker get into banking transactions? Why does a social network build a virtual-reality headset? Why does an online retailer buy a grocery chain? Inc.’s just-announced $13.7 billion bid to acquire Whole Foods Market Inc. is just the most extreme example of a larger, more consequential phenomenon: America’s biggest tech companies are spreading their tentacles, pushing into complementary businesses in a play to sustain growth as they saturate the market for their existing goods.

Let’s face it, Amazon is making smart deals and can undercut any company in price. They got the cheapest tablets at $50 for a Kindle Fire HD, they got a device with their app that can compaison shop and find cheaper prices on their store. They got AWS cloud servers and of course they bought out Whole Foods to have stores they can sell stuff in.

Soon they will over take Microsoft and Apple in the mobile device market, they even have their own version of Linux and partnered up with Alphabet/Google with Android and making a lot of money with the Amazon app store for Android.

They can easily buy out Radioshack or Sears/K-Mart to get access to even more stores and then put Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, and Costco out of business!

Can anyone stop Amazon in their big tech grab?


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