Apple pushes the reset button on the Mac Pro

“If we’ve had a pause in upgrades and updates, we’re sorry for that — what happened with the Mac Pro — and we’re going to come out with something..

Source: Apple pushes the reset button on the Mac Pro

Does anyone remember when the original Mac failed in 1984-1985 and got Steve Jobs fired from Apple? It was too expensive, it could not be upgraded or expanded, etc. The Mac SE and Mac II series came out with Nubus slots to fix those issues.

Ever noticed that modern Macs do not have expansion slots? The old Mac Pro had them, in an ATX case, but the new Trashcan Mac Pro got rid of them. Apple focused on mobile devices and forgot about who really buys their Macs? People who need to upgrade the video card, and other stuff.

I and others have been a critic of Apple for a while now. It is about time that Apple starts listening to its critics and fix what is wrong with their Macs. Apple does well because of the “We’re not Microsoft!” factor. MacOS is the thing that is good enough to lure over people from Windows PCs to MacOS Macs.

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