CNN Cuts Feed When Congressman Starts Stating Facts About Refugees And Crime Stats – YouTube

Apparently, CNN is censoring the news when it disagrees with their political views.

The very definition of fake news is censoring, editing, or cutting off sources that disagree with the editor or management of that news media company. Just so the ratings can be high on more fake news that builds on past lies.

The Internet is full of lies and exaggerations trying to pose as real news but it is actually fake news. Most people just believe what they are told without fact checking it, and fact checking websites validate fake news and call news that disagrees with their opinions and viewpoints as fake news themselves. It is a vicious cycle.

Just like Hillary Clinton dodging sniper fire when her plane landed in Bosnia, and the video of the event showing no sniper fire or anyone shooting a gun. A lot of fake news just never even happened, and it is mostly fiction.

Dumb people eat it up. Imagine how dumb the average person is, and then 50% of the population is dumber than that. Yet that is enough people to influence voters to vote their way, based on lies and fake news.

Whoever controls the news media, controls the government and it is based on lies, fears, falsehoods, and tyranny. Books and movies tried to warn us, but we never listen.


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