Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up

I’m a die-hard Apple user, but after years of watching the Mac slowly die, I’ve switched back to Windows. Here’s the story of why I moved back to Windows, and what I’ve found so far.

Source: Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up

Apple is focusing on the iPhone and other iOS devices. Not really finding the right market for their Macintosh series. This is, of course, the post-PC post-Desktop age the Mobile Device Age is right now. So it looks like Apple is giving up on improving the Macintosh and moving to the mobile devices instead. Causing people to switch to custom PCs and Microsoft Windows.

Apple used to have the creative content market in the bag, as long as they had a Mac with a video card that could be upgraded. That was the Mac Pro that used the ATX format. Until Tim Cook and company changed the Mac Pro into a trash can/bin design that can not upgrade the video card.

Microsoft stumbled at it, but got the Microsoft Surface tablet working right. Pressure sensitive pens to get the creative content market to come back to Windows. Me, I prefer Linux instead, but Windows is required to run Photoshop and other apps.

With no upgradeable video card, video game players left the Mac as well. They went to Windows which plays more video games than the Mac does. Plus desktop PCs can upgrade the video card as well.

How to save the Macintosh? Make some innovations in MacOS, make the Mac products have upgradable video cards. Bring back the Classic Mac Pro to do that. Work with artists and other creative content people to cater to their needs on the Macs and MacOS. Use feedback to get into other markets like business administration programs for the Mac to get into businesses that usually wouldn’t buy Macs.

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