Tim Cook claims fake news is killing people’s minds

Fake news is killing people’s minds, says Apple boss Tim Cook


Fake news is often done for ratings and selling advertising. Fake news is a kind of trolling the public.

I disagee with Tim Cook, if people are not taught logic, reason, critical thinking they will believe fake news without checking facts first to see if it is fake.

It is the Facebook effect, in that people see a fake news headline on Facebook and skim it or don’t read it and share it with their friends. It becomes so popular with thousands of people liking it, that people start to believe it.

I’ve reported on fake news I saw in friends feeds. Some of it was so bad it read like a supermarket tabloid.

Censorship and banning websites won’t fix it. You’ll get false positives. Using AI or ML on it won’t work because they are not yet at a human level of thinking.

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