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Wall St downgrades stock – because buyers prefer last year’s model

Source: Apple eats itself as iPhone fatigue spreads • The Register

Reset The Apple Doomsday Clock to 15 minutes before Midnight. Tim Cook and Apple decided to make the iPhone 7 no longer have a headset jack to force people to buy their earphones made by Beats, etc. So people are buying iPhone 6 or 6S phones instead.

Apple has always been removing old stuff to make room for new stuff. Remember when the iMac didn’t have a floppy drive or ADB ports but used USB ports instead? Remember when the Macbook Air lost the DVD drive. Remember when the Macbook touch lost the Escape key and upper function keys for a touch strip?

If people want to use headphones that don’t have a Lighting connector or whatever and want to use the headphone jack instead, the iPhone 7 won’t do it. Apple is now eating itself.

Had I been in charge at Apple, I’d keep the Headphone jack and give people the option to use the Lighting port for headphones if they want to. The headphone jack is used by many apps like Paypal etc to swipe credit cards to have small businesses take payment from credit and debit cards. Without that jack, they can’t do that anymore.

Remember the Mac Pro had expansion cards and an ATX case, and how Tim Cook changed it to a trash can shape without expansion cards? It forced Gamers to switch to a Hackintosh using a PC and forcing MacOS to load on that.

Apple should be selling OSX Servers on VPNs to work as web servers for different companies to match what Microsoft is doing with Azure. Apple should be trying to make more Cloud services available to earn more money. Make easier to use development tools to develop for iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Try to get more developers to buy Macs.

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