Dan Rather Lectures Media on ‘Lying.’ Yes, Really. | Glenn Beck

Source: Dan Rather Lectures Media on ‘Lying.’ Yes, Really. | Glenn Beck

There used to be a thing called The Fairness Doctrine that a news media company had to present both sides of the story. Reagan got rid of that. After that happened news became fake news and biased, leaning on the left or the right. Half-truths and falsehoods.

People tell me that all news media companies use bias, falsehoods, half-truths, and fiction when they can to get better ratings. At Blastar we try to report the truth, which not only bores people but also makes them upset. We are dedicated to try and debunk fake news and bring you as much of the truth as we can. So for we haven’t gotten that many blog visitors.

Glenn Beck started out on CNN and then Fox News, and then the liberal news media made fun of him. He went into business for himself with BlazeTV and the Blaze network. Megyn Kelly is being attacked on social media and stories about it either lie or get removed if they tell the truth. The 9 pm slot for her news show on Fox was the thing that made it hard for her to have a career with a family. On NBC she is getting a daytime show so she can spend the evening with her family.

But yes Dan Rather who made fake news lectures the news media companies. He’s not the first person to report fake news and he won’t be the last. We don’t like fake news and fake news is shared all over Facebook and other social network sites. People only read the headline and share it. Without even reading it to tell if it is true or not.