CNN uses screenshot from ‘Fallout 4’ to show how Russians hack things

The thing about computer hacking is that it’s such a general, far-reaching term that it’s almost impossible to explain to someone who isn’t already familiar with it. So, news netw…

Source: CNN uses screenshot from ‘Fallout 4’ to show how Russians hack things

Yes CNN is now officially fake news. IN fact here are a few more stories CNN use based on Video Games:

2016 the end of it was fake news all the way down on social networks. CNN and other liberal news media companies tend to use half-truths, spin doctoring, and blowing things out of proportions and exaggerating to create fake news for the ratings.

One of the reasons for this blog, was to figure out what news is real and what news is fake. If even CNN is doing fake news, how can we trust anything any news media company puts out there?

2017 started out with the fake news about Russian Hackers, and used Fallout screens to prove it.

Is it any wonder that Russia and Putin don’t like Obama and Clinton? They blame everything on Russians with no verifiable proof or evidence. They did a Reset button with Russia and then blamed Russia for things they did not do. Russia is fighting terrorists the same as the USA does, and we could have done it better by working with Russia against common enemies. In doing that it would have cut down on expenses and led to being an ally with a growing nation and starting trade deals with them as well to improve both economies.