Don’t Sue Me Bro, shots fired, sank the ship! Who did it?

After the fall of Kuro5hin because Rusty Foster was neglectful and it was not backed up as it changed hosts and lost everything, two rival websites went up to the challenge to try and replace it. and DSMB was based on Scoop while Kr5ddit is a Python/Django based solution to try and make the best out of Scoop and Reddit ideas adding in Bitcoin.

Del had DSMB going for a bit, until recently it came under attack by The Grinch or whatever for Christmas. Some sort of SQL Injection according to Del. Procasti has Kr5ddit running and in cached mode to avoid Server 500 errors.

What is a Troll to do when their club houses have been taken down by evil alien forces or whatever?

Everyone remembers the Trollocaust on Kuro5hin when Rusty banned a whole lot of trolls and then put up a $5 paywall to try and stop them.

How can Aunt Peggy see how her nephew is doing if there is no website for him to post his diaries on? Where can TDillo post his political rants against Republicans? Where are the safe spaces for trolls to use Non-Politically Correct words without getting banned by the PC Police? Kuro5hin and DSMB seemed to be very supporting of that kind of talk.

All I can do is post a diary about it and see what happens. Will Del bring back DSMB, will Kr5ddit ever get finished from Alpha tests? Will someone else put something up? Think of the homeless trolls now that depended on DSMB, and now are without a home.