Expert on Fascism Sees Telltale Signs Developing – Dispatches From the Culture Wars

This is an interview I did with Brian Fogarty, a recently retired sociologist from St. Catherine University with a specialty in fascist movements. He is the author of the 2009 book Fascism: Why […]

Source: Expert on Fascism Sees Telltale Signs Developing – Dispatches From the Culture Wars

The USA is on their way to fascism. It is not just the Republicans, but the Democrats too. It is the polarization of the USA into different groups that is going to fuel a Civil War 2.0 between the Red and Blue states.

Trump is president-elect and won via a fair election, but Liberal Democrats are upset over it and want a recount and protest and riot and loot and burn things down until they can throw Trump out of power, or prevent him from taking over on January 20, 2017.

You can see how the news media is controlled with liberalist propaganda. Obama can sell Taiwan $1.8 Billion in US weapons, but if Trump just calls their President to talk about working together, the news media loses their minds and he is compared to Hitler or whatever.

Everything that Trump is accused of, Radical Islam has done in the Middle East. Radical Islam the Liberal Democrats want to support and allow into the USA. Radical Islam that is basically fascism and makes No-Go zones in nations they immigrate to under Shira law.

Liberals just love to throw money at a problem. Not even sure how economics works much less inflation and other economic things. They tend to think with their feelings and emotions instead of logic, reason, and common sense. This has lead to world records in the US national debt much like Germany had before World War 2.

In the past the news media has lied about events to get the rest of us to support foreign wars. Stuff we learned later was fake and false and not a bit truthful. Yet now there are fake news sites on the Internet doing the same thing. This is brainwashing and propaganda like Germany did before World War 2.

Mark Twain a fellow Missourian and writer like me, once said it was easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. It makes sense as you see many people being fooled by the news media or fake news sites and you try to get into a debate about them, and they shat all over the place in lies, emotions, feelings, and claim they are right and you are wrong. People in Germany before World War 2 was also fooled a lot.

Of course, everyone was been warned about the USA turning to fascism. Few seem to believe it and are called conspiracy theorists if they bring it up. Snopes and Politifact have been taken over by liberal groups to attack conservative and moderate news and brand them as fake news, while the liberal fake news sites are not attacked, and allowed to brainwash and fool people.


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