The void left by Apple

The Void Left By Apple – Hacker Noon


The Amazon Echo is a speaker with an AI feature. One that Apple should have made with Siri.

Google’s Chromecast does a better job than the Apple TV. Google also has a better AI than Siri.

Apple has fallen behind with nothing to compete with things like the Microsoft Surface Tablets. Macbooks have no touchscreen support or pressure sensitive pens.

Apple always innovated before others did, but now they seem to not be innovating anymore. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are out-innovating Apple, not just in products but also software. Apple needs to innovate the iSpeaker with Siri voice control, Apple needs to put Siri in Apple TV to compete with Chromecast tech. Apple needs a Mac Tablet with a pressure sensitive pen like Microsoft has in the Surface Pro that can convert into a laptop with a keyboard attachment.

Apple is still doing well, but it is leaving a void that other companies are starting to fill. If I were Tim Cook I’d start innovating on devices to catch up with Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

I had a website at the time called Why the Macintosh is Inferior off my user page at an ISP I used. I got a lot of hate mail for it. But I found a problem as Macs are too expensive to own, and my solution would be using PC parts. Like instead of using SCSI use IDE instead for hard drives and CD drives. Instead of Apple ADB bus for keyboards and mice use USB instead, etc. Use a VGA display for cheaper PC monitors instead of the Apple monitor connector that needs special video cables or adapters to use cheaper PC monitors.

It was eventually taken down as I left that ISP to go to one with a faster DSL network. But the suggestions I had for Apple helped the Mac Clone companies make cheaper Mac clones to compete with the PC line. IIRC it was PowerPC based CHRP standards, etc that Apple had supported in the clones. Yes Mac clones sold cheaper than Apple-branded Macs, so Apple pulled the plug on Mac Clones. If Apple followed an ATX standard for their top of the line Macs, they’d sell more and get gamers back as well as high end users.

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