BREAKING: Wordpress Fake News Websites on the rise, spreading lies and fake news everywhere.

President-elect Trump is announcing on his website that he will immediately dismantle the Dodd-Frank financial regulations put into place shortly after the 2008 crash and signed into law by Preside…

Source: BREAKING: Trump Announces Big Gift To Banks Despite His Campaign Rhetoric Against Wall Street

Source: Liberal protestor poops on Trump Sign

Source: Fake News Sites List

Newsflash, tons of fake news sites using WordPress pop up with fake news! Blastar exposes the corruption. People on Facebook share the fake news to scare people into sharing the link to give more clickbait articles with advertising on them. This was done before with Scoop when Kuro5hin claimed to be a Slashdot alternative but turned into a liberal playground of trolls posting troll articles or fake news.

If you cannot find a reputable news site saying the same thing, no third party neutral news sites, don’t trust what a WordPress site says. They can edit videos to say whatever they want, they can Photoshop pictures to show what they want, and they can crap out several to dozens of fake news articles a day.

If you want fake news, try the Onion, or Uncyclopedia UnNews for your fake news that can be funny and entertaining and make you laugh. WordPress is blog software that can look like a news site with plug-ins and themes, this Blog uses WordPress the same software as the others, and we try to keep it as true as possible.

Trump was just elected and won’t be able to do anything until he is sworn in. Any new blog claiming that Trump is ruining the economy, killing jobs, taking away GLBTTQ rights, etc is bullshitting you as he didn’t take office yet and Obama is still your president. Instead of blaming Obama they blame Trump.

Make sure you research each news article, instead of being so scared about it, you pass around the link on social networks and make these fake news sites popular enough that they earn a lot of money. You are really rewarding people for posting lies on the Internet. Make sure you fact check stories and see if they have credible sources for their news reports. Some news companies accept stories without checking facts or sources.

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