Apple doesn’t have a target market for the Mac anymore.

Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for – Charged Tech – Medium

When Steve Jobs made the Macintosh, he called it the computer for the rest of us. Then it was targeted at artists and musicians.

I remember going to  an IEEE meeting in 1986 where someone was talking about how great the Mac was. I said the Mac is not a business computer and he said them there’s fighting words. So I asked him to show me business software and he could not. The IBM PC had business software and it was targeted at small businesses . 

I had an Amiga 1000 at the time that due to coprocessing custom made chips and Tripos almost Unix OS Amiga DOS ran faster than a Mac and cost half as much. Using the PC Transformer software it ran IBM PC DOS programs. It was not until Apple made the Mac II series with better graphics and faster CPU that it could challenge the Amiga.

Apple targeted the creative content crowd, the web designers, the artists, the musicians etc. Some developers and programmers too bbecaus an Intel Mac can boot MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

The Mac Pro was for the video gamers that needed a fast CPU and upgradeable graphics. But it was changed to not be expandible and in a trash can case. Video Gamers left Apple and bought a PC instead.

Tim Cook did a good job for  a while with what Steve Jobs had marketed and released. Tim Cook is becoming the Steve Ballmer of Apple. Doesn’t know the target market, wants to make new stuff without knowing who will use it.

For me I am using Linux instead of a Mac to save money and have an upgradable PC. I would have bought a Mac if it was cheap enough and expandible. The first few Macs were not expandable but used a SCSI interface to add on ecternal drives. The Mac SE and Mac II series added expansion slots to save the Mac. Why don’t moderm Macs have expansion slots?

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